If you have interest in learning more about farmland as an investment, please give us a call.  We work with various land brokers, real estate companies, law firms and privately equity groups that specialize in finding the right farm for each of our Partner's situation.  Attached are a few piece of information that detail farmland as an investment.  Do not hesitate to contact us in you wish to learn more or to request more resources.

Land Partner riding in the combine with Ted as his farm is harvested in the Fall of 2019


Investment Resources

When you think of a partnership you tend to think about a relationship that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.  At Barnard Farms we want to take it one step further.  Barnard Farms believes a partnership is a relationship that is fair, honest and exclusive.  We work tirelessly for our Partners.  For many, the land that we farm for them is a family tradition, passed from one generation to the next.  Its more than what the ROI is.  Our partnership is about preserving their family history or helping them make new investments for generations to come.

At Barnard Farms, we want to help you maximize the return on your farmland investment while maintaining and building the land as if it was our own.  We take price in our operation.  We consider it an honor to protect the investments we have been entrusted to  mange.

If you are a farmland owner looking for a qualified operator, consider Barnard Farms and being apart of our partnership, our family farm.