Scouting our Fields Like Never Before

At Barnard Farms we are using the latest technology to ensure the highest yields while maximizing our inputs.  Scouting is crucial to understanding how our crop plans are playing out in our growing fields.  In order to scout more acres more often, while keeping a visual library of our crop's progress, Barnard Farms has introduced UAVs to our farm for scouting and data collection.



Farming is our Family's work.  We are very proud of what we do and our excited to continue building an operation of integrity.  This is not our job but our legacy...something we are passionate to build upon. 

We have chosen the task of helping feed the world as our Family's work.  In order to make that a reality we must be good stewards of the land and environment that we rely so heavily on to feed so many. 


Our Family

Precision Farming on Each Acre

Each acre is different.  So is the receipt for maximum output for that acres.  Barnard Farms was an early adopter of Precision Agriculture.  We utilize the latest technology to make Variable Rate seeding, fertilization, lime, fungicide and nitrogen prescriptions.  Precision hardware manufactures such as John Deere and Precision Planting allow us to capture and manage the data to be processed.

Our success as a family farm is directly based on our relationship with our partners.  They allow us to be successful in what we do.  Land, Agronomy, Insurance, Risk Management; each expert is a valuable member of Barnard Farms

Remote Sensor Technology

Using tool like Climate Pro and R7 by Winfield, at Barnard Farms we monitor our crop's health all reason long.  With the addition of an EZ Health system by Crop Copter, we are now able to produce NDVI maps any time we want.  Know more about our fields as they grow allow us to create specific prescription to tackle any pest before crop damage occurs.

Mother Nature is unpredictable.  Each acre we farm is different.  Finding the right agronomic solution for the given acre or growing season is what we strive for.  

Elite Genetics and Hybrid Technology

Matching the right corn hybrid or soybean variety to the right acre is both and art and challenge.  Thankfully we have great seed partners at Barnard Farms that help us maximize each acre.  We use the latest GMO technology to combat pest pressures, avoiding unneeded application of insecticides and herbicides.

Using Tomorrow's Technology Today